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    To most people, the classic diamond is a round gem of sparkling white brilliance with a kaleidoscope of dazzling facets to entice the eye. Do we agree? Yes and no:


    Diamonds are natural crystals of varying size and shape formed in the earth over millions of years. The traditional round brilliant diamond, though the most popular diamond shape of all, is hardly the whole story.


    By the diamond cutter's art these crystals are carved into gems of spectacular and whimsical beauty. A cutter's skill will produce a diamond of the greatest size with the fewest flaws and the most brilliance.

    You will find a full guide of all the diamond shapes available along with tips for which cuts will suit your finger/hand shape over the next while....


    Remember any diamond, any shape, Our Master Craft's men here at DiamondsDirect.ie can fulfil your order. call us or send an email info@diamondsdirect.ie

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