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      The Three Most Heard Songs About #Dimonds and Songs Inspired By Diamonds

      In songs, diamonds are  to be taken literally (i.e., the singer really is singing about diamonds) or intended as a metaphor (i.e., someone or something is likened to the value or stature of a coveted diamond).

      Diamonds can represent the love that two people have. Their love and the diamond are intertwined. The Diamond is a physical object of the love that is felt between two people.

      Marilyn Monroe

      According to Marilyn in this song, Diamonds do not lose their shape even as women grow old and lose their allure. Measured against nearly every conceivable situation in a woman’s life, diamonds will always triumph.

      Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

      James Bond

      Shirley Bassey emphasis that Diamonds are forever; they are always there they will not leave you. You can always rely on them unlike men. Men are immortal to diamonds; women do not need love when they have diamonds.

      Diamonds are forever



      Rihanna describes Diamonds  to be apart of your personality in the song, ‘shine bright like a diamond.’  By wearing the diamond you feel empowered and strong. The diamond connects you and your loved one, by wearing the diamond it is close to you and therefore you are close to your loved one. ‘We are like a diamond in the sky’.

      Rihanna Diamonds

      What do Diamonds mean to you?

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