Women who hate their engagement ring.

    Prince William and KateYour engagement ring is likely to be the most important piece of jewelry you'll ever wear (aside from your wedding ring, of course). Not only will you wear it every day, it's a symbol of your commitment to your relationship. It is a very sweet and romantic for your fiancés to give you his mum or his grandmother’s engagement or wedding ring. It is nice to keep diamonds in family and pass down family air looms.


    Statics according to Cosmopolitan magazine has shown that 57% of women do like their engagement rings.  Many are not thrilled to be getting a second hand ring or a ‘hand me down’ regardless of the symbolic meaning behind the ring and also behind the proposal. It is very common to pass down family heir looms and it keeps the diamonds within the family and creates traditions. Prince William gave Kate Middleton his late mothers’ 18ct sapphire ring. Ross McCall gave his fiances his grandmother engagement ring which has stayed in the family for over a century. These two men are definitely traditionalists.

    While some women do still believe in this romantic gesture, they also believe they should have their own ring.

    Tastes and fashion are always evolving and now we are in the 21st century many women want to be unique, they do not want to have the same as everyone else.  Yale Zoland, president of Leon Zoland & Sons in New York, has said she has seen an increase in women coming into her jewelers and asking if they can take the diamonds out of their engagement ring and re-make them a new one.  This is a compromise and also something which Diamonds Direct Ireland can offer you. They can replicate any ring and also alter any ring for you to create the special, unique, bespoke ring.

    Jennifer Hewitt

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